Keeping Cell Phone Bill Under $20

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My monthly cell phone bill has been less than $20 via Republic Wireless. Let’s see if I can lower the bill or keep under $20 with a phone upgrade.

When to Upgrade T2 Instances on AWS – CPU Usage

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How to proactively determine it’s time to upgrade T2 instance on AWS

Oyako Soba – Buckwheat Noodle Recipe

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Japanese word “oyako” means “parent and child”. This dish include both chicken meat and egg (chicken = parent, egg = child). It sounds kinda gross when you translate it. But hey, it tastes good.

Keep Your Kitchen Odor Free

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My little trick to keep my kitchen from smelling bad. The key is having the right number of trash cans at the right size.

jQuery Conflict in WordPress 4.5 and WooCommerce 2.5

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Having an issue with your WooCommerce site since you upgraded to WordPress 4.5? It might be the new version of jQuery that’s causing the problem. Here is a quick fix for jQuery issue.

How To Darken Post Background Images in Fable Theme 1.7.4

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The default background image is too bright to read the white text. This is a little tweak you can apply, so you don’t have to edit the image every time you upload.

Flour Tortilla with Lard Makes It Authentic

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Wanted to use up self-rising flour I bought. Came across “authentic” tortilla recipe. Just removed baking powder from the original recipe to save a few cents. The texture of this tortilla is more like a nan, making it more versatile. Used it as a pizza crust substitute, or just dip it in olive oil and eat it like a bread.

A Step Toward Quitting Cigarettes

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A small step toward going cigarette free. I’m still addicted to nicotine but a change is a change. Better than keeping the old habit.