How To Darken Post Background Images in Fable Theme 1.7.4

By on Apr 12, 2016 in Geek | 0 comments

The default background image is too bright to read the white text. This is a little tweak you can apply, so you don’t have to edit the image every time you upload.

Flour Tortilla with Lard Makes It Authentic

By on Apr 8, 2016 in Food | 0 comments

Wanted to use up self-rising flour I bought. Came across “authentic” tortilla recipe. Just removed baking powder from the original recipe to save a few cents. The texture of this tortilla is more like a nan, making it more versatile. Used it as a pizza crust substitute, or just dip it in olive oil and eat it like a bread.

A Step Toward Quitting Cigarettes

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A small step toward going cigarette free. I’m still addicted to nicotine but a change is a change. Better than keeping the old habit.

How To Sort Grouped Product’s Children – WooCommerce 2.5.x

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When you have hundreds or thousands of products, manually changing menu order value in each product under advanced tab in product edit page is not an acceptable method. Even “Sort Products” section of edit products page is too time consuming. There are a couple ways you can do this much faster.

Minimalist’s Milkshake

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The minimalist’s milkshake. Came up with the ingredient combinations for the drink to be thick and milky enough to be called “milkshake”. You can always up the thickness and sweetness based on your liking or your caloric needs.