Composting Is The Way To Go

Reduce waste. Reduce gardening cost. Reduce garbage collection bills. Can’t go wrong with composting!

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If gardening is your thing, you can’t do it without composting…that would be crazy. So what if you suck at it…it still has lots of pros to getting into it. I’m not a compost generating maniac either. My compost takes months and months before it can become usable compost. But that’s okay. Because composting helps me so many other aspects of my life. It’s the process that matters…not the resulting compost.

Help You Become a Creative “Waste Conscious” Person

I can’t think of anything positive about wasting. Composting is one way that helped me keep conscious about wasting. It’s so visual. You see it in reduction of your garbage. You see it in a pile of compost materials in the bin. every time something in your hand, you wonder “can I compost this?” And more than half of the time, my answer to the question is “Yes, I can.”

And eventually, once this questioning becomes your habit, you can’t stop asking the questions for everything…beyond just composting. I now constantly ask myself “Is this wasteful? Can I use this before I get rid of this? What else can I do with this?” And this question can even go beyond materialistic waste. Even your thoughts or experiences. It helps me gets creatives to come up with an alternative solution to the problem or failure I experienced.

You are making something valuable out of garbage…literally

Compost is a sellable good. Simple is that. A 1 CF bag of compost starts at $5-10 per bag (or more). If you are a gardner…you just save a bunch of bucks just leaving worthless garbage in a compost bin instead of leaving it a regular garbage bin. Hey, you are making lot more money than leaving money in a saving account.

Even if you aren’t a gardner, make them and offer them to your neighbors or friends. If they are decent, they’ll trade with their fresh-out-of-garden vegetables and fruits. You just scored yourself real fresh edible items for free.

And if you are really good at it, you will be able to reduce your waste so much that you’ll start notice that your garbage bin is less than half full on garbage collection day. They are a lot of  garbage collection companies that offers bi-weekly collection plan for a reduced rate. That’s a real money saving right there.

Even Your Dogs Can Be A Productive Contributors To Composting

Apparently, I can compost my dogs’ hair. (But not their poop unfortunately…that’s another product of theirs we, dog owners, dread.)

If you are a dog owner, dog hair is forever your nemesis. They are everywhere. They make your house unpresentable (to those who don’t understand what it means to be a dog owner). Makes you think you are slob even though you vacuum more often than an average person. You love your fluffy Husky, Samoyed, and German Shepherd to death, but sometimes, you wish your dogs were all Mexican Hairless, because you brush your pups until your arm feels nothing but yet, there’s more that just keep shedding. Nothing good comes out of the damned dog hairs…until you start composting.

Now that you see dog hair can be turned into gold, your motivation to brush your dog on regular basis goes way up. You want to collect your dog hair. It’s no longer “never-ending” task that has no or little reward. I brush my dogs right next to compost bin outside. This also helps reduce the hair floating around inside the house too. And the constant vacuuming? Those dust collected in your vacuum cleaner…compostable. Dump those in your compost bin too.

P.S. But seriously, if you know a way to make dog poop something useful (other than a gag gift business…they are too many competitors already in that industry) let me know.

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