Keep Your Kitchen Odor Free

My little trick to keep my kitchen from smelling bad. The key is having the right number of trash cans at the right size.

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I’m all about efficiency…in other words, I want to be as lazy as I can be. Keeping kitchen clean is one of those I’d like to put least effort.

One less thing I want to worry about is how kitchen smells. Don’t wanna change the liner on daily bases. But I don’t want my kitchen smells like rotten food either. I found having three trash cans in a kitchen is the best way to keep the trash and the smell under control with minimum effort.

First trash can should be a large one. I’m on my own with two pups…so I have a 40 gallon one. If you live in a household with larger number of people, you can go for 50+ gallons. This large trash can is for bulky or/and non-smelly items. Nothing that rottens is the key. You can keep this trash can alone for weeks until it’s completely full.

Second trash can is for items that non-compostable spoilable items. I have simplehuman In-Cabinet Trash Can for this purpose. I like to hide it under the cabinet so that my dogs can’t get to it. It has a lid on its own, so it’s even harder for them to get to it, and it helps the smell contained (though it’s not an air-tight lid). It’s very easy to clean…small and simple shape. Nothing get caught or get stuck. The garbage can is small enough to wash it in a double sink without splashing water all over the place. Also, you can re-use your plastic grocery bag as the liner since it has hooks to put the bag’s handle…eliminates the need to purchase trash bags for this can all together.

Third trash can is for compostable items. I make this trash as small as possible. This one generates the worst smell and it gets smelly pretty quick. I opted for HOMMP Mini Recycled Push-button Trash Can,1/2 Gallon. I’d like to keep this one emptied every 5-7┬ádays. It’s small enough to keep it under sink cabinet (share the space with the second trash). Also, it’s small enough to put it on the counter surface when I’m cooking so I can just dump trash as I cook. The mini trash I bought is also easy to clean, and it is at a reasonable price. I wash them every time I empty the can. I prefer this can over other trash cans designed for collecting compostable garbage. They tend to be larger than I’d like it to be. If you wait until the trash can is full…this thing will smell bad for sure (most of them has a place for filter to reduce the smell…but from my experience, the filter itself get smelly pretty quick). Also, most of them has a handle, supposedly for easy carry out to your outdoor compost bin. But the handle makes it pain in the butt to wash it in a kitchen sink. There is always at least a spot that’s hard to get to. You miss the spot, and you’ll get the permanent stink. I don’t see any reason to pay extra just because the trash can is marketed as for “compost” trash. It’s just another trash can…over priced.

First trash can feels like it require the most labor. It’s bulky, heavy, and you got to work with large trash bags. But I only replace the bag maybe once or twice a month. The other two are much easier and lot less effort….you need to replace the liner more frequently but you never have to drag the bags to the outside. And since they are small, as soon as you sense the smell you can just toss them out without feeling of wasting the empty space in the lines.


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