How To Sort Grouped Product’s Children – WooCommerce 2.5.x

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When you have hundreds or thousands of products, manually changing menu order value in each product under advanced tab in product edit page is not an acceptable method. Even “Sort Products” section of edit products page is too time consuming. There are a couple ways you can do this much faster.

Minimalist’s Milkshake

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The minimalist’s milkshake. Came up with the ingredient combinations for the drink to be thick and milky enough to be called “milkshake”. You can always up the thickness and sweetness based on your liking or your caloric needs.

Procrastinating Positively

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My recent procrastination is getting a gym membership. I came up with enough GOOD excuses that I don’t feel bad about it.

Composting Is The Way To Go

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Reduce waste. Reduce gardening cost. Reduce garbage collection bills. Can’t go wrong with composting!

Simply Grapefruit

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One grapefruit a week so I won’t get tired of it. Half teaspoon of sugar makes it much sweeter without adding too much calories. One serving is less than 50 calories, which makes it a healthy breakfast or/and a guilt-free snack.

Make PHP Mail() Work in AWS EC2 – Ubuntu

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AWS IP addresses can be problematic for setting an email server in an EC2 instance. Here is an alternative method to get Mail() working.

Chromebook Basic Tweaks and Tips for Crouton

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Here are the first set of basic applications that I installed in my Ubuntu environment Chromebook. All the applications (including Ubuntu OS) took about 2 GB of disk space.