Procrastinating Positively

My recent procrastination is getting a gym membership. I came up with enough GOOD excuses that I don’t feel bad about it.

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Since my gym membership expired at JCC a week ago, I haven’t be able put myself to either renew (too expensive) or sign up for a new membership at a more budget friendly facility. I gave myself a time to reflect why I am procrastinating to do this…because I hate feeling bad about myself. I want to believe, at least, I’m not that lazy to label myself a procrastinator.

Why I’m not signing up for a gym membership

Saving Money. My former gym membership costs whooping $852 per year (previously I had a trial 3-month membership for $36). I have a health insurance to reimbursement up to $300 per year.  As much as I loved the gym, the cost is way too much. Then, there is a gym near by house that only costs $188 per year. I could sign up for this and get 100% of the cost reimbursed. So why not? I’m still hesitant because I know so many people forget or doesn’t qualify to get the reimbursement. In other words, this is not a guarantee freebie.

And…spring is coming. No fun running on a treadmill indoor when I can do the same thing under the sun. Winter time, it’s more pleasant to be indoor. But for next six months or so I don’t want to pay to be under fluorescent light.

So What’s my alternative solution?

I figure I’m forgiven if I can burn same amount of calories at the gym elsewhere. My weekly goal was 1000 calories a week. I can burn about 100 calories walking each dog every time. I can burn other 150 calories or so if I do a quick trail walk during lunch hours at work. And if I ride my bicycle to work..that’s about 800 calories per round-trip.  It’s going to be little hard to do all that first couple weeks of April…still cold and I hear there’s going to be some snow next week (grrrr)…but I can definitely burn 1000 calories a week starting May. Maybe I’ll re-consider joining a gym in the late fall…I might get lucky and find another $36 for 3 month gym membership via Groupon.

My Point

Here is the thing. When you don’t want to do certain thing, and you know you are procrastinating, take a little time to think other things that you WANT to do that accomplishes the same goal…because you know there is always another way.

Photograph by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions.

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