Oyako Soba – Buckwheat Noodle Recipe

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Japanese word “oyako” means “parent and child”. This dish include both chicken meat and egg (chicken = parent, egg = child). It sounds kinda gross when you translate it. But hey, it tastes good.

Flour Tortilla with Lard Makes It Authentic

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Wanted to use up self-rising flour I bought. Came across “authentic” tortilla recipe. Just removed baking powder from the original recipe to save a few cents. The texture of this tortilla is more like a nan, making it more versatile. Used it as a pizza crust substitute, or just dip it in olive oil and eat it like a bread.

Minimalist’s Milkshake

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The minimalist’s milkshake. Came up with the ingredient combinations for the drink to be thick and milky enough to be called “milkshake”. You can always up the thickness and sweetness based on your liking or your caloric needs.

Simply Grapefruit

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One grapefruit a week so I won’t get tired of it. Half teaspoon of sugar makes it much sweeter without adding too much calories. One serving is less than 50 calories, which makes it a healthy breakfast or/and a guilt-free snack.